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Facing Life’s Forest

The trail at Adam's Canyon in Layton, Utah

Life is like facing a dense forest where you can barely see through the trees. You know you want to get to the other side and you know you are going to have to go through the forest to get there. So you observe, analyze, theorize, test, plan and finally attempt to make your path. Yet more often than not you are so focused on following the path that you put so much effort into planning, so much time into thinking about that you fail to notice that just after you started to make your path you came across something wonderful; a natural trail through the forest that was hidden from you by the trees. One that, had you been paying attention to the here and the now instead of twenty trees down the line, would have made your journey so much easier and would have allowed you to enjoy the calm, peaceful beauty of the forest instead of fighting it to get to your goal.

We all live within the confines of our perception and we tend to zero in on something we feel is challenging us. What if we’re misunderstanding the situation though? What if through some miscommunication between life and us we took what was meant to be a rewarding experience and turned it into a never ending challenge with little meadows of easy travelling before we are forced back into pushing our way through branches and leaves?

Next time you feel your leaving the meadow and heading back into the fight take a moment to stop and try to shift your perspective. Let go of your long term goal for just a moment and take an objective account of the options life is currently offering you. You may find that one of them, something you had never thought of before in your life, sounds much more inviting, natural, enjoyable and rewarding than your original goal.

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