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The answer to Cancer and Genetic Obesity?


The cyborgs are coming, the cyborgs are coming!

If you are like me you remember watching all sorts of sci-fi tv shows and movies growing up that depicted a future where humans and machines were becoming one. This is so far beyond a reality now that we are verging on crossing into the unbelievable and I for one am extremely excited about this. With all the articles I’ve been reading lately about the merging of human and machine this TED video stood out as the next step.

At the end of the video Pattie Maes makes the statement about how maybe in 10 years she’ll be back there with the MIT Media Lab and a brain implant version of the “Sixth Sense” machine. But with advancements like Robotic Hands, Artificial Muscles and Bionic Eyes do you really think it will take 10 years to have this mass produced and in everyones hands or brains? I doubt it.

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