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Psycho-Cybernetics Review

The New Psycho-Cybernetics

With all the hype stirred up by "The Secret" a whole new generation of meta-physicists and spiritual explorers was born (or in some cases revitalized). And with science and religion's historically giant chasm of separation turning more and more into a traversable small canyon every day there couldn't be a better time to be among their numbers.

Now, for the population of nay-sayers out there, the people who think positive thought and attraction are just new-age mumbo-jumbo I have a book suggetion. The New Psycho-Cybernetics, written by Maxwell Maltz M.D., is a book that fills in the gaps left by The Secret, giving you real scientific evidence and a well thought through outlook on the why and how of this phenomena. For those of you out there who scoff at the idea of wasting your time reading a book you already know you disagree with I would ask you what you have to loose? What is it possibly going to hurt in your life if you read through this book?