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Seventeen Million Dollars and The Force

What would you do with The Force?

Do with The Force what would you?

I had a friend of mine tell me a story one time about a lunch he had had with a frend of his where they were approached by a couple sales poeple who asked the question "What do you want in life?" to which my friends buddy replied, without hesitation, "Seventeen million dollars and The Force." This quickly ended the sales pitch and turned into a classic office water cooler story. Now it seems this month at least one of his desires from life will be coming true... in a way.

Early this week Uncle Milton's executive VP gave an interview with the New York Post about a new toy the company is putting out called the Star Wars Force Trainer. This toy uses the same technology that doctors use to monitor brainwaves to bring the toy, a ping pong ball in a clear plastic tube, to life. The technology behind this toy is Brain Control Interface or BCI and is being used more than you may realize. Back in 2007 Wired did a story about how the BCI wave could soon be crossing over into video games making you the controller and this little toy could be a big stepping stone in that direction. Can you imagine playing your favorite racing game with your mind as the controller? No more "Damnit! I hit the brake not the gas!" moments. Or playing your favorite fighting game with your little brother or your kid. No more getting pwned by the younger generation just because there natural ability to master a controller and key combinations that escape you. This could bring a whole new demographic to the video game world, people like my wife, who can not stand to play 3d games because she can't control them, now have the ability to participate in one of the bigger areas of my life and actually enjoy it!

Ok folks, now comes the point in the article where I need to make sure you have your helmets on and your minds open. Lets take a step away from the awesomeness of playing video games with your mind and take a look at another potential side effect of this toy and other BCI devices. Science tells us, by proxy of the observer effect, that we control (or effect) the very fabric of reality with just our mind and thoughts. This implies that things like esp and telekenisis are possible and just need to be learned by our brains. Enter the Star Wars Force Trainer, an object that will show our children from a very young age that they can move things with their minds. With this being a constant and part of the foundation of their paradigm or self image what do you think the possibilities are that one day, when they are well into their 20's and have spent the last 2 decades using mind control devices that they will reach for something just out of reach and without thinking of it 'pull' it toward them? Could a toy like this be all we need to awaken the telekenesis potential in each of us?

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