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Welcome To Science Reality

The more news articles I read about the ‘cool’ new technologies and advances in the various sciences the more I’m starting to feel like I’m living a science fiction novel, only it’s science reality. Let me list a few examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Neuro-Programmer - This application is designed to allow you to manipulate your brain waves! Now think back to when you were in elementary school (if you’re in your early to mid 20’s like me) and try to imagine someone saying they had a program that they could put on your computer that would allow you to manipulate your brain waves. You would have thought they were spending too much time in their books or watching tv or movies. Once you buy this company’s software you gain access to their Members Only area where the community has uploaded their own ’sessions’. Some of these include a pattern that is supposed to relieve headaches, combat the effects of ADD/ADHD, promote the release of hGH (human growth hormone) and an alternative to your morning caffeine intake to get you going. Now, I’ve tried the caffeine alternative and I must admit I felt very alert, very awake and totally focused at 7 in the damn morning!! The list doesn’t stop there though…
  • Digital Tattoo - Alright, now this one is pretty crazy. This company has come up with a small, thin bluetooth device that can be surgically implanted into a users skin (like the forearm) and essentially be turned into a phone with an LCD screen. The obvious restrictions here are if you want an upgrade or need any fixes to the device made you are going to have to go back under the knife… Not so fun. However, if we can find a way to overcome the whole mutli-surgey thing then there is some pretty fun potential here. Imagine the ability to have a dynamic tattoo that you could change to fit the social circle or situation you’re in or even change just to fit your mood. You could carry your shopping list or to-do list on the bottom of your forearm and just have it hidden the majority of the time.
  • Biotic Eye - This one has me excited. It’s a biotic eye implant that can restore sight to someone who has lost it over time. Basically, as long as your brain already understands how to interpret the visual signals than this implant can give you your sight back.

So now that our society is really starting to become a ‘Science Reality’ society the possibilities are endless! We can restore sight to the age-related blind, have lcd screens implanted into our arms and take control of our brain waves… What’s next?

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