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The Wisdom of Fortune Cookies

I once got a fortune cookie that said "The strongest desire known to human life is to continue living" and at first it sounds like something so simple and true that we all kind of go d'uh but if you stop and think about it there is a deeper meaning to it. Our desires as we know them are just part of our paradigm which is really just a culmination of our thoughts, beliefs, habbits and feelings and in order for us to have such a stong desire that we can classify it as the strongest desire known to human life all those different pieces have to be desiring for the same thing. This is why change comes so slowly and painfully for so many people. Our current paradigm sees this change we are trying to bring into our life as a threat to its ability to keep on living and so it fights with all the resources it can to stop that changing from taking hold.

Why then do some of us seem to be able to change and adapt to change so calm and effortlessly? Could it be that those of us who experience this have come to realize that the change we are bringing into our lives is the end of our current paradigm but just an addition to it? You see when we accept a new truth, form a new habbit or decide to change the way we feel about something our old belief, habbit or feelings doesn't just drift away into the void. We still remember the old belief even though we don't currently agree with it and becuase of that we can view things through the perspective associated with that truth when we choose. Think about Santa Clause for instance. Most of us at one point in our lives believed that on the night of the 24th of December that a pudgy old man with bright red cheeks who magically slide down our chimeny's and leave us presents under the tree and drink the milk we left out for him. Now that we are grown we know this not to be the case yet when we talk to little children who still believe in Santa Clause we can understand where they are coming from and so we play along with their belief or we can choose to tell them the truth and take that magical time away from them. The point is the belief never really leaves does it?

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