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Welcome To Science Reality

The more news articles I read about the ‘cool’ new technologies and advances in the various sciences the more I’m starting to feel like I’m living a science fiction novel, only it’s science reality. Let me list a few examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Neuro-Programmer - This application is designed to allow you to manipulate your brain waves! Now think back to when you were in elementary school (if you’re in your early to mid 20’s like me) and try to imagine someone saying they had a program that they could put on your computer that would allow you to manipulate your brain waves. You would have thought they were spending too much time in their books or watching tv or movies. Once you buy this company’s software you gain access to their Members Only area where the community has uploaded their own ’sessions’. Some of these include a pattern that is supposed to relieve headaches, combat the effects of ADD/ADHD, promote the release of hGH (human growth hormone) and an alternative to your morning caffeine intake to get you going. Now, I’ve tried the caffeine alternative and I must admit I felt very alert, very awake and totally focused at 7 in the damn morning!! The list doesn’t stop there though…
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A New Spin on Déjà Vu

Reset ButtonA friend of mine sent me an article on a theory by Brian Whitworth Ph.D that basically puts the idea out there that the Big Bang was actually someone or something flipping the switch on a ‘Virtual Reality’ which we experience as our ‘real reality’. While this idea is pretty cool it’s hard to think that we’re nothing more than a simulation in a virtual world. Kind of takes the ‘Bang’ out of life. However, this theory got me thinking about Déjà vu the other day and I have my own theory I’d like to throw out there:

What if Déjà vu is your mind or your consciousness coming back to a ’save’ point in your life. For example, you get Déjà vu while driving your car. What if “you” have already driven down this street and you made a choice that led to another choice that led to another choice that eventually led to a situation or decision your consciousness either couldn’t handle or didn’t want to so it analyzed the data it had, found a point where it believes the chain of events started from and ‘reset’ you to that point. The more times you’ve been ‘reset’ to that point the more times you’ve experienced it and as a by product the Déjà vu gets more intense and lengthy.

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